The Month of Aviv or The Month of THE Aviv?

The “New” / ReNewed Moon and the First Month of the Hebrew calendar year
in the Agricultural Calendar / Appointed Times Calendar / Redemption Calendar

NOTE: This teaching has been UPDATED a 3rd time as 2016-03-23, 7:00pm CST.
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Many new Slides have been added, which help further explain the Search for Barley
which is – Aviv ( ha-Ah-veev אָבִיב ; “Abib” ). There are also calculations of How Much
is an Omer ( in Quarts, Ounces, Liters or Bushels ), which is necessary
to do the Wave Offering ( teh-noo-fah תְּנוּפָה ) for First Fruits.

There are 20 New Slides explaining about the harvesting of the barley using a SICKLE
and how this affects having enough Barley which is in The RIPENing ( The Aviv ) state,
in order to have enough to do the Wave Offering for First Fruits in 14 – 21 days.


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This was the most thorough teaching about the calendar I have read!!
Thank you for explaining it so clearly in the Hebrew.



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DESCRIPTION of Teaching:

The New – ReNewed Moon / Month and the First Month of the Hebrew calendar year.
How do we determine this?
Witnesses: The SUN, the MOON, the STARS, the BARLEY

Why does ELohim אֱלֹהִים want us to go into the fields and inspect and examine the Barley?

There are several Mysteries hidden in the Search for Aviv ( “Abib” ) Barley

1.) When the Barley was Struck in Egypt by Plague #7 – Hail ( bah-rahd בָּרָד ) ,
was it “In the Ear” / “In the Head”, Aviv / Abib, or Ripe?

2.) Zadok and The Aviv ( ha-Ah-veev הָאָבִיב ; ha-Aviv )

3.)  Milk and Honey

  • in the Barley

  • in the Land of Promise that Flows with Milk and Honey

  • in the “Law” ( Torah תּוֹרָה ) which Flows with Milk and Honey

  • Entering into the Promised Land and Eternal Life