Healing Deliverance Prayer Booklet-PDF


Breaking the Curses of our Spiritual Inheritance

ELohim אֱלֹהִים wants you to be a completely whole person
in spirit, soul and body, unto the coming of the Master. (1 Thes 5:23)

You shall know The TRUTH ( ha-eh-met  הָאֱמֶת )
and The TRUTH ( ha-eh-met  הָאֱמֶת ) shall set you free.

Therefore, if the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. (John 8:32, 36)

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Scripture References Used:
Lev 26:39-42 and hundreds more


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If you have Never Received a copy of this Booklet, you NEED to get it, READ it and PRAY it.
Every Single one of us ( without EXCEPTIONS ) has both CURSES and GENERATIONAL CURSES,
due to the Sins, Transgressions and Iniquities of parents, grand-parents …
going back to the THIRD and FOURTH Generations … as well as those we ourselves have committed –
for Breaking the Commandments of the “LAW” ( TORAH תּוֹרָה ) of YaHuWAH יְהוָה ELohim אֱלֹהִים