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The Six-Pointed Star and the Garment of the High Priest

Is the Six-Pointed Star ( and Hexagram SHAPE ) a pagan and occult symbol? Does a Hexagram SHAPE in the North Pole of SATURN prove anything? The Answer is No! See for yourself that very same Hexagram SHAPE in the TORAH, repeatedly! And that very same Hexagram SHAPE is connected to Yeshua יֵשׁוּעַ Read Amos …

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The Month of Aviv or The Month of THE Aviv?

The “New” / ReNewed Moon and the First Month of the Hebrew calendar year in the Agricultural Calendar / Appointed Times Calendar / Redemption Calendar NOTE: This teaching has been UPDATED a 3rd time as 2016-03-23, 7:00pm CST. If you have Read or Downloaded prior to this Day and Time, we encourage you to Read …

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