Order Free CDs/DVDs

Order Free CDs and DVDs

At some time in the future, as funds are available,
we hope to be able to produce and distribute CDs and DVDs of All the Teachings.
CDs and DVDs will Not be Sold.

MEMBERS will be able to request One ( 1 ) Free copy of any or all the Teachings.
Then you can make your own copies, which you can distribute Freely to others.

You must Register / Sign-Up using the Members Login link at the top of any page.
Then when you LOGIN, you will be able to Order a CD or DVD.

There is also never any Charge or Cost to have access to teachings on this website.

CDs –

  • Audio ( No PPT Slides )

DVDs – includes the PowerPoinT Slides ( PPT )

  • Audio PPT ( Audio with PPT Slides )

  • Video PPT  ( Video with PPT Slides )